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Why incorporate metal roofing into a project?

AMS' metal roofing offers many benefits and functionality:

  • Durable for low and steep slope
  • Operational for 40 - 50 years
  • Meets energy efficiency requirements with higher levels of solar reflectance and emittance

With the demands for more efficient and longer lasting quality, AMS metal roofing systems are a good choice to meet your needs for cost effective roofing systems. The exceptional performance of a standing seam metal roof has made it one of the most innovative products in roofing today.

Metal roofs offer durability, longevity and strong corrosion benefits. When a metal roof is to be used with a pre-painted finish, caution must be exercised in choosing the general type of paint system. A Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 PVDF resin-based topcoat is the premium paint system for durability and fade resistance. PVDF systems are typically used on steep-slope roofing applications because of the durability of their colors. For low-slope roofing, silicone-modified polyesters are preferred due to their durability, resistance to fading and chalking, and low cost.

Architects can still specify darker colors with AMS energy efficient panels. Choosing the correct metal roof for the climate and application is easy. AMS' metal roofs are available in a wide range of solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties. Specifying the ideal combination of these properties based on climate can increase the energy efficiency of the building. For example, in northern settings where heating is an important consideration, a metal roof with high solar reflectance and low thermal emittance may be desired to achieve maximum cooling and heating energy efficiency. An unpainted cool metal roof product would be most appropriate for this type of application. Conversely, for locations where cooling is of paramount importance, a cool metal roof with high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance would be preferred to help lower summer air-conditioning costs. Pre-painted metal with cool colors or granular coated metal panels should do the job.

When you compare the cost of ownership of an AMS metal roof system to that of a conventional built-up or asphalt shingle roof, the AMS roof wins hands down. A metal roof can cost up to 50% less over its lifespan.

A metal roof has a positive slope which eliminates the potential problems inherent to low or no-slope conventional roofing.

For more information on how AMS can help you with your metal roofing needs, click here to contact a sales representative.